Before  I started David & Matthew Industry, I had gotten 7 years of experience.  My name is Doud (David).  Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products.  We always choose the best steel to make our products.

    My father has been working on beauty products for 25 years.  I worked with my father for 7 years. He is very hardworking.

He suggested opening his own brand company.  I paid attention to that.  I started a company called David & Matthew Industry in 2019.

 I worked on it day and night for 6 months.  First I go to work then when I come home I feel tired but at night I use my laptop to send emails to companies.  After 6 months I received some emails from customers asking for samples.  I gave them my samples and they liked our quality.  I am very happy and think that God did not waste my hard work. 

Now, we have big brand companies that work with us. We have experienced workers.  Each worker has 10 to 15 years of experience.